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[sticky post] My Kind of Warning

Dec. 16th, 2016 | 01:50 pm
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My Fanfiction Masterlist http://ericadawn16.livejournal.com/11957.html
My Icons for 2013 http://ericadawn16.livejournal.com/619082.html

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Pottermore Again

Jan. 18th, 2017 | 12:43 am
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mood: Tired but Excited
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For those who weren't around, I was one of those original Pottermore winners. For those in the EST zone, I had to available with my computer on in the morning...I felt very sorry for those farther west- 7 am for PST! and win a sort of lottery in order to get my ticket. Then, we had to wait over a month to finally set up our account and everything.

Then, I got stuck on Potions in Chamber of Secrets and visited less and less frequently.

One day, I noticed that it seemed to be closed.

When it reopened, I was told I would have to ReJoin and do everything all over again. I didn't want to. I was afraid that I had changed so much that I was no longer a Hufflepuff and I LOVE Hufflepuff. It's who I am.

Wait, what's this? I can RECLAIM my old information???

Yes, yes, I can!

So I did.

My Ilvermorny house confirmed I might not have been Sorted into Hufflepuff again. When I took the quiz off Tumblr, I got Pukwudgie but my official Ilvermorny house is:


Again, I took a quiz off Tumblr and it gave me a small owl. I was very pleased because small owls are ADORABLE! If it wasn't so late, I would give you photographic proof of this.

The actual quiz was very pressuring. It was timed and if you didn't pick fast enough, it would say things like Dementor could have gotten you! I don't like making fast decisions.

If I can't be an adorable owl, I'm fine with it being a dog. I've always loved dogs. It's even a Scottish dog! On top of that, Scottish Deerhounds were what they used in the films for Sirius' animagi, Padfoot!

Then, I found this:

Those with the dog patronus are very loyal to those they care about, but can vary widely in personality, in extreme ways. Some are the silent type, speaking only to specific individuals and keeping within their comfort zone. They are hesitant in their situations and can seem to be stand-offish or intimidating to some. Others are quite bubbly, speaking to everyone and trying to be friendly and cordial. However when this demeanor is threatened they can become very blunt and harsh, showing aspects of the quieter dogs. The most common house for a dog patronus is Ravenclaw. The most common signs are Sagittarius and Gemini.


The loyal part sure sounds like Hufflepuff to me but then, it claims they're usually a Ravenclaw. However, I am a Sagittarius.

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Torchwood in Sherlock

Jan. 11th, 2017 | 11:13 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Excited
music: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Big thanks to sueworld2003 for posting this!

This was Sherlock's mantle last episode.

Now, when can I start reading and seeing crossover in fandom?

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 | 09:45 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Too Many Feels
music: Cake Wars

Me to myself: Nah, December 28 is a fine time to start finally reading Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston. After all, we don't even have confirmed proof that Leia ever met Ahsoka. I'm sure this can't possibly have any Leia feels...

(totally forgets that Bail Organa is a minor character)

Page 190:
He risked a glance sideways to be sure his daughter was distracted by the fish and then opened the latest of his secret files. It was encrypted, of course, but he had it decoded soon enough. He looked sideways again. The trouble with adopting the child of two prodigies was that there was a decent chance she would turn out to be unusually intelligent, too. He was reasonably certain that Leia hadn't learned to read while he was on Coruscant for the last senatorial session, but with her, he could never be sure. He wouldn't be able to keep her out of the mess forever, but he and Breha had agreed they should keep her clear of it at least until she could reliably speak in coherent sentences.

Page 191:
He still dreamed of that night, when the Temple had burned. Sometimes he was able to get the Padawan into his speeder in time. Sometimes the clones shot him, too, when they shot the boy. Every once in a while, he failed to rescue Yoda and woke in a cold sweat, with the sounds of blasters and lightsabers echoing in his ears and visions of a tiny, broken green body haunting him. When he had the dream on Coruscant, there was nothing he could do about it except accept his defeat and yet another night of lost sleep. When he had the dream on Alderaan, he would get Leia out of her bed, hold her close to his chest, and hope against hope that she exhibited only her mother's gifts, not her father's. He would stand there, cradling her until Breha found them and guided them both back to bed.

Page 192:
He debated sending a message to Obi-Wan but almost immediately dismissed the idea...Someday, if he had a reason to reach out, he would. But the toddler in his office was all the reason he needed to keep silent, and there was another child, one he'd met for only a few moments, who needed his discretion just as badly.

Page 193:
He would get the R2 unit back from Captain Antilles. The droid was trustworthy and capable of defending himself. Bail would just have to make sure not to leave the droid alone with his daughter, in case either of them got any ideas.

Thinking about her made Bail look at the aquarium again. Leia had pulled herself up, her hands and her nose pressed against the glass, as she watched an orange-and-purple tentacled creature move through the water like a dancer. She laughed every time it changed direction, which it did by emitting a stream of bubbles. He couldn't imagine life without his daughter. He couldn't imagine not working for a better galaxy for her to grow up in. He wasn't entirely sure how he was going to do all that and manage to keep her safe.


Bail crossed the room quietly, counting on the tentacles to keep his daughter from seeing his reflection in the glass, and then swung her up in his arms. Her surprised giggles echoed through the office, the perfect counterpoint to his deeper laugh.

"Outside," she said, not willing to relinquish his attention, even if they left the aquarium behind.

"Outside," he agreed, and carried her onto the balcony, where he'd first introduced her to her mother and the planet she would grow up calling home.

So...I'm taking a break from Ahsoka for a while...

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I Agree

Dec. 31st, 2016 | 09:06 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Hopeful
music: Man on Fire

"I can't help but think how wonderful it would be if all of life could be like a comic con. Just think- no hassles, no hang ups, no bitterness, bigotry or bull dung. Just a bunch of happy humans, meeting on common ground, sharing a common passion, each finding something in these amazing publications, in the comic books they read and enjoy, something to excite them, to provoke them, to transport them away from their everyday problems, to replace the humdrum elements in their lives with the dazzling color and brilliance of fantasy!

No matter how harried and hapless we may be in our own workaday world, , for one brief interval of time, a love of comic books brings us together and allows us to savor a world of imagery and romance, a world that we can share through the miracle of the printed page!

Y'Know something? I love comics!


Stan Lee"


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Annual, Semi-Annual LJ Freak Out

Dec. 30th, 2016 | 11:47 pm
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music: Worst Cooks in America

I've been on LJ since 2006. I have lived through many, many LJ freak outs. Some have been legitimate. Some have been less so.

I have an old computer. It's 7 years old. As such, it can take slower to load sites which gives me time to read where the information is coming from. LiveJournal has been giving .ru for at least a month. I didn't realize it was a big deal or I certainly would have mentioned it.

No, I didn't think it was a big deal. I have friends from Russia or former Soviet republics. They're good people. No, I don't believe they "installed" Donald Trump into power. The Democrats worked hard to lose their election by ignoring most of the 99%. Maybe they hacked...on one hand, hacking or handling sensitive material to those without authority is bad. On the other hand, without such, we wouldn't know how much they set Bernie Sanders up to fail, that CIA was spying on everyone, that Ike Perlmutter cost us a Black Cat film starring Felicity Jones and WATERGATE!

If Russia is using the physical location of LJ servers as a means to oppress their citizens, that would be different. That is unacceptable. It is a fundamental human right to have freedom of speech no matter where a person is born. It is Article 19 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights published by the United Nations...THAT'S why the United Nations MATTER. If Russian citizens are being punished or censored for or from their LJ account, I want to know. I will tell EVERYONE.

Technically, I have a DreamWidth account and I guess I'll use it to back-up LJ again. I don't like it. It's just...not LJ. If LJ were to die...I'm not sure what I would do. Maybe I would take up on DW. Maybe I would just split up what I want to say among my other social media platforms. Already, I don't post everything on LJ. If it's just a fun photo or observation, I'll probably Instagram or Tweet it.

I have a post listing all my other social media platforms from one of the previous freak-outs in 2012. I've edited it to add newer stuff but not Snapchat. if you really want that one, tell me because I don't use it much. The post is also Friend-Locked so if you want a specific platform and can't see it, ask.


I hadn't really studied this for a year or so and forgot that my second website ever was on that. I tried looking for it a few months ago with no luck so I thought it was gone from the internet. I screencapped EVERYTHING especially the journal, predating this one, that I had completely forgotten about. It includes stuff from college!

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The Doctor and River Song

Dec. 30th, 2016 | 02:12 am
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Thoughtful
music: Mythbusters

I know a lot of people still hate River Song and that's fine. I understand even if I don't agree with it.


Ever since last Christmas, I can't shake the feeling that 24 years is a LOT of time...like time enough to have a child or two together and have them independent by the end...

Of course, there are my shipping tendencies but he did seem awfully comfortable with the baby even though Stormageddon would have been AGES ago.

Plus, the ending of "Forest of the Dead" has River taking over Donna's role as mother to the children. It always seemed a bit odd to me. I know that was Donna's role so it was nice little mirror but Donna was the one getting married when we first met her...it wasn't an illogical leap to think she wants kids.Why give River children from a story standpoint unless River had been a mom?

Really, they pretty mum on those 24 years...I know he's heartbroken but...still feels like a plot element.

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Dec. 28th, 2016 | 09:42 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: So three days to go...
music: Black-ish

Naturally, she'd want to be with her daughter but damn...

I couldn't find her Will & Grace entrance! Many a time, I have amused myself by remembering her announcing, "No panty lines because...no panties!"

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Brief Candles

Dec. 27th, 2016 | 10:03 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: sad sad
music: Cupcake Showdown

I have been wanting to write Shara Bey and Kes Dameron for almost a year. I wanted more. I wanted context about why Poe would feel like he was 9 years old again in Leia's presence. It would be fluffy but it would also be INCREDIBLY angsty. Last night, it demanded to be written. Today, I tweaked it.

No, I didn't add the expected ending. One day, I will but for now...too soon.

Also, I AM still writing on the Avengers story but it's a two part season finale and I want to write both parts first.

Title: Brief Candles
Author: Ericadawn16
Character/Pairing(s): Shara/Kes, Han/Leia, Padme/Anakin
Rating: PG
Warnings: ANGST I am not joking around! You might need tissues.
Spoilers: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: Shattered Empire, Star Wars: Before the Awakening, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Summary: Shara Bey, Kes Dameron and their son, Poe, are tied to the Rebellion even if they attempt to retire.
Author Notes: AO3 has it in chapter form instead:

Brief CandlesCollapse )

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"To me, she's royalty."

Dec. 27th, 2016 | 07:08 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Still so incredibly saddened
music: Chopped All-Stars

There are plenty of better photos out there...including those people standing right in front of her but this one's mine.

One of the best compliments I could ever pay her came from my friend, Mi. When we went to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she leaned over and said, "I like her better in real life. She's funnier and looks better, too."

That's Carrie Fisher. She was a person so awesome that even Princess Leia couldn't live up to the actual person. The saddest part is that no one will ever get to really know that ever again.

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Charles Bukowski is Right

Dec. 27th, 2016 | 06:53 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Saddened so incredibly so
music: Chopped All-Stars

it’s strange when famous people die
whether they have fought the good fight or
the bad one.
it’s strange when famous people die
whether we like them or not
they are like old buildings old streets
things and places that we are used to
which we accept simply because they’re
it’s strange when famous people die
it’s like the death of a father or
a pet cat or dog.
and it’s strange when famous people are killed
or when they kill themselves.
the trouble with the famous is that they must
be replaced and they can never quite be
replaced, and that gives us this unique
it’s strange when famous people die
the sidewalks look different and our
children look different and our bedmates
and our curtains and our automobiles.
it’s strange when famous people die:
we become troubled.

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Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor

Dec. 22nd, 2016 | 10:44 am

I finally finished !
After starting it in October...but I need to be more positive with myself, the important part is getting more stuff done.

Poptarts has to be Marvel fanon although the Marvel references were much fewer this time.
I'm having to adjust to Loki actually being...evil.

Each book being more progressive makes me that much more angry about the movies being so fucked up. There are TWO characters who use sign language to communicate and the newest character in the book is gender fluid.

Also, was Annabeth mentioning the Roman emperors a reference to the Apollo books?
I haven't read those yet.

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The Flash

Dec. 19th, 2016 | 12:47 pm

Tom Felton re-energized my interest in The Flash. The Christmas episode is so good!
I was kind of worried about him being the bad guy...again...guy's been typecast for basically the last 20 years, maybe 25...Borrowers is a definite exception. However, they did some twists with it and I'm looking forward to what comes next.
Also, in the Christmas episode, Felton's character mentions the Philosopher's Stone and I giggled so hard.

P.S. I also picture how he is in The Flash when re-reading The Cursed Child.

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Rogue One

Dec. 17th, 2016 | 12:09 am
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Tired
music: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


P.S. Photobucket are being assholes so I had to sign up for Imgur and I hope it turns out all right.

P.P.S. I spent so much time trying to get Photobucket to work that it's now the 17th!!! bastards

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Evan McMullin

Dec. 10th, 2016 | 12:38 am
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Optimistic
music: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Last month, I posted a plan by Michael Moore for living under a Trump presidency. There were legitimate concerns raised about obstructionism being used just for the sake of obstructionism rather than a specific cause.

Here is a plan by Evan McMullin that is more specific about what we need to obstruct and what to do. It doesn't specify the benefit of one party but Americans in general:


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The Office

Dec. 1st, 2016 | 11:08 pm
location: My Mom's Living Room
mood: Happy
music: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The last couple of seasons made me forget just how hilarious The Office was. I found this for my youngest nephew. We watched it about three times and every time, I laughed so hard that tears came down my face. My nephews were the same way.

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